Video Description
Ball sorter. Plane slides across track when triggered by white ball. Contraption Scene
Box sorter. Plane flips up to sort colored boxes. Contraption Scene
Ferris wheel. A simple arm lifter is rekindled every 10 degrees over a full 360 degree circle. Contraption Scene
Bullet puncher. A puncher moves back and forth, sending balls forward at a steady rate. Contraption Scene
Ball color sorter. A platform rotates down to sort colors. Suitable for sorting when you don't have a lot of horizontal space. Contraption Scene
Rotating feeder. Two planes forming a cross rotate 90 degrees, stop, then continue. Feeds balls. Contraption Scene
Paddle sorter. Paddles flip certain colors to an adjoining track. Suitable for fast-moving balls. Contraption Scene
Drop bottom sorter. The trigger slides away the bottom flips balls down. Suitable for fast balls. Contraption Scene
Bucket chain. Describe one bucket, give a path, and rekindle the rest automatically. Contraption Scene
Batch releaser. Collect a fixed number of balls before releasing them all at once. Contraption Scene
Paddle box chain. When a box hits a trigger in the lifter, it starts a full circle of rotation. Link them together to lift boxes. Contraption Scene
Nested lifter. A square lifter has a trigger in the middle. When hit, it moves in a full circle. When two or more are combined, they hand balls off to each other.Contraption Scene